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Businesses that are focused on global trade have found that attention to trade compliance is essential for survival. The continued prosperity and growth of the global trade community depends upon businesses adopting and following procedures which anticipate and comply with the risk management protocols effected and enforced by government customs authorities. 

Outsourcing of these compliance functions can eliminate distractions from trading organization’s core competency and maximize operational efficiency. Regulatory compliance can turn out to be a key value driver if handled and addressed in a timely fashion. The Trade Compliance Consultants (TCC) team can fulfill all the back-office functions of a full-fledged compliance department without the burden of costly overheads. We are there when needed and for the period required.  

Our Mission:Trade Compliance Consultants, LLC.'s mission is to find solutions for our clients by creating a unique customer service experience where quality deliverables are combined with reasonable costs.  

Our Goal: Our consulting teams are led by highly qualified and experienced Licensed Customs Brokers, Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officers (CUSECO®), and/or Export Compliance Professionals (ECOP®) specialized in conducting internal assessments, customized and off-the-shelf training, organizational development, monitoring and executive coaching services that are tailored to your business, your products, your challenges, and your people. Our goal is to get you implementing compliance, not just planning. Our work is grounded in real business issues to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes. We use the context of your business to develop the compliance strategies, written policies and work behaviors necessary for success in today's market driven climate. We are focused on minimizing your risk exposure to regulatory issues. Allow yourself to free up your resources and focus on your business core competency, while we take on the task of developing your compliance program. You can save on costs that you might otherwise incur because of misclassifications, value errors, or overlooked duty reduction programs..........  

Learn more about our services to make your possibilities a reality, and find out more by contacting us at: 

We also host CUSTOMIZED seminars on trade topics ..... for your organization, trade association, Chamber of Commerce, visiting trade delegations and institutions of learning and higher education. Reach out to us with your specific topics of interest! 

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We offer the following managed services:

·        Managed Import Compliance Programs

·        Managed Export Compliance Programs

·     Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Enrolment

Guidance, risk analysis, evaluation and training provided towards certification and validation in this program designed to protect the security of cargo entering the U.S. while improving the flow of trade. We will conduct a gap analysis of each of your global supply chains to identify areas of weakness with you or your business partners, covering each of the required areas.

·        Customized Training:

We offer import, export and trade seminars or webinars on various regulatory trade compliance topics.  A sampling of some of the topics is listed here:

o   Import Compliance

o   Export Compliance

o   Import Classification

o   Export Classification

o   Licensing & ECCN Determination

o   The C-TPAT Program

o   The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

o   Specific FTA Training

o   Customs Trade Transformation Initiative

o   Foreign Trade Zones

o   Preparing for a Focused Assessment

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·        Customs Compliance Assessments

In many organizations today, the customs function is decentralized and may not be linked to other core business processes. This can lead to a lack of efficiency and, more importantly, to a failure in meeting the required standard of "reasonable care" and “due diligence”.  Maintaining a comprehensive customs compliance strategy together with demonstrable internal controls and key procedures would not only satisfy Customs & Border Protection and other government agency standards for reasonable care, but also act as a mitigating factor in the event of an inadvertent breach of the regulations. TCC can assess and identify key compliance risks within your organization and define a comprehensive policy and procedure manual that will help you to meet and maintain those standards. Stay prepared, confident and ready for a potential audit by CBP, BIS, OFAC, DDTC or any other government agency. TCC can also prepare you for acceptance into the Import Self-Assessment (ISA) program.


Working with TCC, you will have the opportunity and the ability to attain your personal and professional best, because being a part of our team is not just a career — it’s an opportunity for growth and learning.  So whether you are looking for fulltime employment or you wish to work at your own desired pace and in your own environment, we encourage you to apply.

Are you a senior manager with years of valuable experience or a Customs Broker license holder/Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer/Export Compliance Professional? You will enjoy a certain amount of job satisfaction as well as have the opportunity to grow with us. Enjoy a versatile, dynamic, professional work opportunity environment.  We will provide you with access and exposure to challenging work that can further your individual potential by utilizing your expertise, providing new experiences, goals and opportunities.

Email us your career objectives, qualifications, experience and areas of interest to:

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